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Lodge Committees

Committee Chairperson
Americanism Sharon Sharpe
Audio and Visual Mickey DeSantis (PER)
Auditing Mickey DeSantis (PER)
Bar Don Wirth
Bingo Herb Fues (PER)
Blood Drive Dave Rooney (PER)
Bulletin Jason Campbell
Camera Club Open
Can Do George Haluska
Charities Ellen Weckenbrock
Community Welfare Dave Rooney (PER)
Convention Mickey DeSantis (PER)
Credentials Open
Drug Awareness Rich Bretell
Entertainment Melissa Sprague
Government Relations Antonia Farrell
Golf Tony Delimme
Gourmet - Ladies Shelly Nelson
Gourmet - Men Mike Weckenbrock
House Governing Body Ed Taddei
Indoctrination Danny Sholes (PDD)
Instant Raffle Shirley Marrone
Investigations Mickey DeSantis (PER)
Lodge Activities Hank Elmer (PDD)
Membership Mary Piccone
Memorial Service Herb Fues (PER)
Motorcycle Jack Becker, Jr.
National Foundation Dave Rooney (PER)
National Service Jim Sharpe
Parades Bob McVicker (PDD)
Pariamentarian Danny Sholes
PER Association Cary Crivelli (PER)
Public Relations Janet Gamba
Quoits League Jack Becker, Jr.
Ritual Coach Danny Sholes (PDD)
Safety Ken Jewel (PER)
Scholarships Tony Delimme
Sickness & Distress Dave Wriggins (PER)
Shuffleboard Ellen Weckenbrock
Special Children Kyle Wisn
Special Youth & Charities Walt Papp
Student of the Month Dave Wriggins (PER)
Trustees Grason Jones
Wheelchairs & Equipment William Johnson
Women's Auxiliary Rosemary Becker
Youth Activities Michael Weckenbrock